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Imagine if studying didn't mean hours spent creating flashcards, notes & resources, but instead, instant, personalized learning at your fingertipsโ€”freeing up your time for what truly matters.


From Hours of Manual Flashcard Creation...

  • Time-Consuming Flashcard Creation: Manual, tedious flashcard making from lengthy PDFs and notes.
  • Inflexible Study Tools: Generic, non-customizable study methods that don't adapt to individual learning styles.
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Save hours of time building revision resources manually.

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The leading AI study tool for ambitious students

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What is the role of the work function in the photoelectric effect?


Aldehydes and ketones are both characterized by the presence of a ___ group


The cranial nerve responsible for tongue movement is: A) IX B) X C) XII D) VII


Make Different Flashcard Types
Make different types of flashcards like cloze, mcqs, Q&As. Export to Anki, Quizlet or review directly in PDF2Anki.

Let's talk about the lymphatic system and its components. The lymphatic system comprises of lymph, lymphatic vessels, lymphatic tissues, and organs. Now, can you describe the main lymphatic organs?

secondary contains spleen, lymph nodes and MALT right?

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Built by Medical Students - Our Story

PDF2Anki started as a simple idea: to make flashcard creation easier and more accessible for students around the world.

From lecture slides to notes, we wanted to harness the power of AI to automate the flashcard creation process, freeing up valuable study time.

Our journey began in our medical common room, fuelled by late-night coding sessions and a passion for education. Today, PDF2Anki has grown into a tool used by thousands of students across the globe.

We're proud of what we've achieved, and we're committed to continuing our mission of making study tools smarter and more efficient.

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